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Shine Ikoro

healthcare professional & health digital content creator

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Hello! My name is Shine , a healthcare professional and health digital content creator. I am passionate about breaking stigmas and misconception in our society through simplified health information. My work in community pharmacies, public health and primary health centers put me in a position to experience first-hand the stigmatization faced by some patients due to health myths in circulation.

Stigmatization can cause barrier to health seeking behavior, engagement in care and adherence to treatment across a range of health conditions globally. The lives of people with diseases and disabilities are worsened by stigma, thus leading to public prejudice, loss of self-worth, and negative implications for health and well-being.

I built this platform to reduce stigmas and misconception surrounding medical conditions, lifestyle choices etc. this would help improve the quality of life and response to treatment for people living with a disease or disability.

With this platform I intend to teach you through carefully researched articles, videos and stories of everyday people in order for you to gain knowledge about your body, drugs, health and your environment. It would also give you a space to talk about your medical conditions without judgment and prejudice.

Outside work hours, I spend most of my free time volunteering for medical outreaches. Over the years, I have helped several NGOs organize over fifty outreaches that has provided healthcare services, health awareness, education and empowerment to low income communities in Philippines and Nigeria.

I dream of a world where everyone is respected while we all do our parts to make it a better place and that is what I thrive for daily.

Love and Light