Nocturnal Enuresis: 10 causes of Adult Bed-wetting

Bed-wetting also known as enuresis is often associated with childhood, and most children outgrow it. More than 2% of adults still bed-wet but are not willing to seek help because of the shame and stigma attached to grown ups who still wet the bed.


When should you consider Bed-wetting/Enuresis as a problem?

You may urinate on the bed once in a while when you have had too much alcohol or liquids to drink before bedtime, when you are stressed, too tired before bed, etc. However, if you experience continuous urinating, it is time to consult a doctor.

What can cause Enuresis/ bed-wetting in adults?

There are so many factors that can cause enuresis. Here are a few:


  • Genetics: if you have a parent who experienced nocturnal enuresis, you’re more likely to experience it as well.


  • Small bladder: some people have smaller bladders than usual, so it fills up faster than normal. If this is your case, bladder training and lifestyle changes can help control this.


  • Diabetes: high blood sugar increases the amount of urine. Frequent urination is one of the signs of diabetes.


  • Blockage of the urinary tract: this can be caused by conditions like pelvic inflammatory disease, a tumor, etc. this blockage affects the storage and passage of urine that could result in bed-wetting.


  • Urinary tract infection: even during the day, one of the major symptoms of a urinary tract infection is frequent and unexpected urination. This could cause you to bed-wet.


  • Medication: Our medications help us feel better, but every medication as a side effect (unwanted reactions to your body) Side effects from hypnotics, insomnia medications, muscle relaxants, diuretics can cause you to produce more urine and relaxes the muscles in your bladder when you are sleeping and causes you to urinate. Check here to see if a medication you are on could be causing it.


  • Cancer or tumor of the bladder and prostate: anything that obstructs the normal flow of urine can cause you to wet to bed.


  • Overactive muscle: the muscles in your bladder relax when full and contract when you are urinating. However, when the muscle contracts without control it can cause you to urinate unknowingly even while sleeping.


  • Neurological disorder: your brain controls voluntary and involuntary activities. When there is a disorder that affects the part of your brain that controls your bladder and urination, it can cause you to lose control of when and where you urinate.


  • Alcohol: overindulgence in alcohol can cause you to bed-wet as an adult, because when you are drunk you usually do not have any control over what your body does. Drink responsibly, always.


All these causes and symptoms can be managed when you visit a urologist (a doctor that specializes in the problems affecting the urinary tract.


How can you manage Nocturnal Enueresis at home?

Here are some tips:

1. Go to the bathroom at set times during the day and night. Slowly increase the amount of time between bathroom visits.

2. Do not drink liquids close to your bed time so you won’t make as much urine. Avoid alcohol and caffeine.

3. Set it to wake you up at regular times during the night so you can use the bathroom.

4. Medication prescribed by your doctor. These drugs work by reducing the amount of urine produced.


What if all these lifestyle changes and medications do not stop the bed-wetting?

Your doctor may have to refer you for some surgical procedures.

Remember, detecting the problem is the first step to finding a solution. Enuresis is a medical condition not a spiritual attack.

Get help today, and do not forget to share with someone you know to raise awareness.

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